Kat at Merfolk Vacation - Join us for the next Mermaid Week

Kat at Merfolk Vacation - Join us for the next Mermaid Week: https://mermaidkat.com/mermaid-getaways-retreats-for-merpeople-and-mermaid-school/ This is Kat's personal highlight video from her merfolk vacation in Egypt in September 2022. Mermaid Weeks were created to provide the perfect and playful trip for mermaids, mermen and other enthusiastic water lovers. Adult mermaids and mermen from all over the world are invited to our mermaid retreats. As we truely believe, that mermaids come in all sizes, colours, genders and ages, there are no visual requirements to meet (underaged participants must be accompanied by a person of legal age). Join us and set your inner child free! Our Merfolk Vacations include training in breathing, relaxation, breath hold techniques, mermaiding, modelling and underwater modelling. You get to participate in several photo shoots above and underwater and receive some professional, processed, high resolution photographs of yourself after this unique mermaid retreat. Adventures such as boat rides and swimming in the open ocean await you here. Our merfolk retreats are free of gossip and judgement. Everyone can just be and is fully accepted. Check out our next upcoming mermaid retreats at: https://mermaidkat.com/mermaid-getaways-retreats-for-merpeople-and-mermaid-school/ Video by @TheCheesecakemovies Mermaid Tails by @MermaidKatShop (https://www.mermaidkatshop.com)

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