TCL mobile commercial

Watch the new TCL mobile commercial featuring Aquabatix underwater model Genevieve.

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Templespa Most Revealing campaign

Aquabatix underwater model Genevieve features in the new campaign for Templespa Most Revealing. Watch how gracefully Genevieve floats and swirls around underwater.

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Hotel Quarantine in Sydney - Part 1: Day 0-4

Hotel quarantine in Sydney, Australia - Part 1 After spending a few months in my home country Germany it was time for me to travel back to Perth, where I currently live. As my original flight from Hamburg to Perth got cancelled, I travelled from Hanover to Copenhagen by train. Then I spend one night at the airport hotel before I could fly from Copenhagen to Doha and then to Sydney. As all flights to Perth got cancelled, I had no other option than going to Sydney or Brisbane. The planes were pretty empty and I had a whole raw to myself on both flights. After arriving at Sydney airport, all passengers had a quick medical scan and were then put into busses and transported to their hotel quarantine. Until we arrived at the hotel, we wouldn't know which hotel we'd have to quarantine in. After the long journey I arrived at my quarantine hotel in Sydney. There was no teabags or water available in the room. If you have to quarantine in a hotel, be prepared and bring yourself some drinks and snacks for the first hours. I get three meals a day and the vegan options are delicious diversified. They put a paper bag with food in front of my door an knock. Then I have to wait at least 30 seconds, put on my face mask and open the door to take my food in. My room is big enough for me to walk backwards and forwards in order to walk 10,000 steps every day (I do this every day). I have a big window with a nice view but I can't open it to get fresh air. In this video you can get an idea of my wirst few days in hotel quarantine. Ill add day 5-9 later and then day 10-14 after I finished the hotel quarantine.

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Pregnant Raina Mermaid Maternity Underwater Photo Shoot

Raina Mermaid is in for the conservation of the Oceans and also to raise awareness for people who suffer from certain diseases, that often are not easily seen from the outside. This episode features: Videos owned by Canadian Mermaids Inc. Please contact directly for licensing images and video. Music licensed through Epidemic sound. Do not swim alone, do not attempt what you see Raina doing, she is a certified and trained professional. ----- I'm Raina, a professional mermaid. Please like and subscribe to see my spe-shell content! I've been a mermaid since 2007 and have the first registered mermaid business and swim school in Canada. My business has won multiple awards and I have published three books and participated in the first industry studies! Did you know my husband invented the term "merwrangler"? You can support me on Patreon to gain early access to videos, exclusive online workshops, merch and program planning, behind the scenes and more. I LOVE creating resources for new and aspiring merfolk, seasoned pros, and recreational! Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/rainamermaid Get our clothing line! including masks! http://www.rainassplashinfashion.com Follow me online: Join my facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MermaidRainaFans Twitter: http://twitter.com/HFXMermaid Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RainaMermaid Business Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Halifaxmermaids Mermaid resources Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LearntobeaMermaid Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hfxmermaid Like mertailor products? Use my discount code RAINA10 to get 10% off all fabric products I am now a SlipIns affiliate too, so you can get 10% off their products with my code RAINA10 or shop using the link: https://slipins.com/?ref=aul4prs7yau I affiliate on Amazon so you can check out my fav products for merfolk here: https://www.amazon.ca/shop/hfxmermaid Check out my websites! Personal mermaid website: http://www.mermaidraina.com (check this for my books!) Business website: http://www.halifaxmermaids.com

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Carla Underwater - How to lay down underwater

How to lay down to the bottom of your swimming pool. This is a tutorial of laying down to the bottom of your swimming pool. It is not very hard but you have to be very relaxed in order to breathe out your air and let yourself sink to the bottom of the swimming pool. After that you will be able to swim at the bottom of your favorite pool. Hope you enjoy!! Carla ► SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/2BmHGbw​​​​​ ► WATCH MORE Most Recent Viral Video: https://bit.ly/2QumcBk​​​​​ Most popular videos of Carla underwater: https://bit.ly/2Qv2dTh​​​​​ Carla Underwater, Underwater Carla, Swimming Underwater, fun underwater, swimming, swimming pool.

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Underwater Swimming - ft. my Primark Watermelon Pool Float

Underwater Swimming - ft. my Primark Watermelon Pool Float Hello Nobsis, this was 2 years ago! I went to Italy with my dad! Full Video here - https://youtu.be/gpJ-D2qB6Q4 Some more videos linked down below... Lockdown Throwback Mallorca Series: Week 1 https://youtu.be/yagN_qexkt0​ Week 2 https://youtu.be/cthdruZ3gt8​ Week 3 https://youtu.be/W2fBYTLIJz4​ Week 4 https://youtu.be/bNn--csbVPI​ Week 5 https://youtu.be/Z1bT2qNdW0g​ (only the Cova Blava found) HIGHLIGHTs 2 0 1 8 https://youtu.be/cUAhbFw399A​ Youtube - All diving tricks 2018... https://youtu.be/OTPBSZxm1go​ - No blinking https://youtu.be/Y6vc4ojv5hk​ - 1000 subs challenge https://youtu.be/N1VLvDODz_Y​ Holidays - Solo England https://youtu.be/ajlvAQhOrXE​ - England with my sister https://youtu.be/-7eqNNAbVu0​ & https://youtu.be/l7rYgkEz-qU​ & https://youtu.be/z148lHrOjiI​ - Camping with Samira and my sis https://youtu.be/5wlnx3EWXAU​ - Complete Alassio holidays... https://youtu.be/gpJ-D2qB6Q4​ - Bali Surfing https://youtu.be/6cibyQqboRo​ (Full video is in making) Music - Rebel & Caviar night: https://youtu.be/Gq_oVfAjh9o​ - Full Album https://youtu.be/jkdw8lhedxY​ - This Is Me - Journey of a little boy https://youtu.be/aFS5IB9WoBI​ - A Million Dreams https://youtu.be/9oXC-8EgGMQ​ Hotel Apprenticeship - Duet in Salle de Versailles https://youtu.be/9oXC-8EgGMQ​ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe, like and comment so as well turn on the notification by clicking on the bell and you will get informed whenever I post another video. Looking forward to share some more of your ideas !! :D My social media: Snapchat SandraNobsPiano so as on Twitter Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sandranobs/​ TikTok sandranobs Music: Youtube library, NoCopyrightSounds My Swimsuits are from: Primark, K.B., Italy and Ballett Shop Bern Thanks for watching and stay tuned for my upcoming music, vloggs and challenges :) Xoxo Sandra ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out my website - www.sandranobs.com

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Unterwasser Shooting wie bei GNTM

Von einem Unterwasser-Shooting wie bei GNTM träumen viele Mädchen. Leider gibt es jedoch nicht allzu oft die Möglichkeit an einem solch speziellen Unterwassershooting teilzunehmen. Wenn du trotzdem von einem Unterwasser-Shooting wie bei GNTM träumst, dann bist du hier auf der richtigen Seite gelandet. Wir ermöglichen es jedem an einem Unterwassermodelshooting teilnehmen zu können und umwerfende Unterwasserfotos zu bekommen. Hier kannst du von den besten der Branche lernen und von ihren Erfahrungen profitieren. Erlerne Dinge, die du in keinem anderen Kurs erlernen kannst und erlebe einen unvergesslichen Tag. Vorbereitung im Klassenzimmer Im Unterwasser-Modelling-Kurs von Mermaid Kat wirst du zuerst im Klassenzimmer ein paar wichtige Grundlagen erlernen. Hier geht es unter anderem um Themen wie das Tarieren, den Druckausgleich, sowie das Styling und Posieren unter Wasser. Darüber hinaus erlernst du hier Atem- und Entspannungsübungen, die dir das Luftanhalten erleichtern werden. Weiterhin bekommst du wichtige Ding rund um das Thema Sicherheit bei Unterwassershootings beigebracht. Unserer erfahrenes Team lässt dich an ihren jahrelangen Erfahrungen teilhaben. Unterwasser-Shooting wie bei GNTM Nach dem Theorieteil beginnt nun dein eigenes Unterwasser-Shooting wie bei GNTM. Bei diesem Unterwassershooting arbeitest du mit einem Unterwasserwasserfotografen wie Konstantin Killer oder Ian Gray zusammen. Diese Fotografen sind für ihre atemberaubenden Unterwasser-Model-Aufnahmen bekannt. Während deines Shootings bekommst du sowohl von Mermaid Kat als auch vom Unterwasserfotografen Feedback. Gemeinsam werden wir dafür sorgen, dass atemberaubende Unterwasserfotos wie bei GNTM von dir entstehen. Für Instagram oder die Karriere Egal ob du bei einem Unterwasser-Shooting wie bei GNTM teilnehmen möchtest, um schöne Instagrambilder zu bekommen oder für deine Karriere. Im Unterwassermodellingkurs wirst du einzigartige Unterwasserfotos von dir bekommen. Diese schmücken nicht nur deinen Instagramaccount, sondern werden auch deine Modelkarriere kräftig ankurbeln, denn solche Bilder haben nicht viele Models vorzuzeigen. Mehr Infos gibt es hier: https://www.meerjungfrauen-schule.de/unterwasser-model-workshop/

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