mermaid melissa transformation: set me free into the sea

Subscribe/click bell for alerts: https://youtube.com/MermaidMelissaPage https://MermaidMelissa.com Follow Me on twitter: @MermaidMelissa This might sound corny but LOVE is the answer." -Elon Musk Love is universal. It is for ALL. United not divided. Do not fear the future of evolution. Fear in itself, is humanities biggest set back from outgrowing past failures. -Mermaid Melissa Save the planet, the cosmic oceans, and humanity by becoming a multi-planetary species... saving all creatures before we become mythical. “Earth is the cradle to humanity but you can not stay in the cradle forever. It's time to go forth, become a star-fairing civilization, a multi-planet species, out there among the stars. Expanding the scope & scale of human consciousness. I find that incredibly exciting & that makes me glad to be alive.” - Elon Musk KEY: Matthew 5:5 "Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth." *Translation: Those who do not explore the heavens above & beyond will be limited to ONLY the earth. We are more than one planet. We are the entire Universe! The fish bowl is earth, it can be protected but we can also explore the cosmic ocean together. Fear holds the evolution of consciousnesses back from advancing in ways we could only dream. Be a LION not a lamb. So Say We ALL - Battlestar Galactica Shape the future: https://openai.com/research/ Tesla is looking for hardcore AI engineers who care about solving problems that directly affect people’s lives in a major way: https://www.tesla.com/AI Become part of the future: https://www.spacex.com Invest in the change you wish to see in the world: https://www.tesla.com Shape the future: https://openai.com/research/ - Invest in the change you wish to see in the world: https://www.tesla.com - Beam me up Scotty: https://www.starlink.com - Shape the future: https://openai.com/research/ - Become part of the future among the stars - Space Force: https://www.spaceforce.mil - Program love into the future code of life: https://neuralink.com - Our digital future selves saved forever in the virtual cloud of heavenly neuralink realms. Follow Elon Musk on twitter: @ElonMusk Follow Tesla on Twitter: @Tesla

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