Mermaid Vacation - Mermaid Retreat Maldives 2021

Mermaid Vacation. This video shows some of the wonderful adventures we had during the Mermaid Retreat Maldives 2021. Our Mermaid Weeks are international mermaid school retreats especially developed for mermaids and mermen. During these unique mermaid vacations participants get to learn relaxation and breathing techniques to extend their breath holds. There are also training sessions on equalisation, buoyancy and underwater modelling. Furthermore, photo shoots and underwater shoots are part of the mermaid retreat. Besides training and photo shoots, we usually get to experience some phenomenal encounters with marine life. During the mermaid vacation in the Maldives we got to swim which a whale shark, manta rays and several reef sharks. In addition to all these mesmerising moments, usually a circle of inspiring trust, passion and friendship is build during our Mermaid Weeks. Accordingly, our mermaid retreats are the ultimate adventure for all mermaids and mermen from around the globe. The next Mermaid Vacation will be hosted in Egypt in September 2022. There, we have a high chance of swimming with marine life such as manatees, guitar sharks, turtles and even dolphins. For more information about our mermaid vacation in Egypt, visit this page: https://mermaidkat.com/2021/09/25/mermaid-camp-and-underwater-modelling-retreat-mermaid-week-egypt-17-24-september-2022/ Photos by Konstantin Killer (https://www.instagram.com/killer_konstantin/) and Harald Slauschek (https://www.instagram.com/slauschek.photography/). Video by D Image Factory (https://www.instagram.com/difunderwater/). This mermaid vacation was organised by Mermaid Kat (https://www.instagram.com/mermaid_kat/).

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