Mermaid Retreat Maldives - Sneak Peek

This is a sneak peek from our recent Mermaid Retreat in the Maldives. We had an incredible time swimming with manta rays and whale sharks as well as countless photoshoots on little islands. Additionally all mermaids and mermen had several underwater photo shoots. The energy during this mermaid retreat was just overwhelming. Everyone was just glowing of joy during the 7 day mermaid and underwater modelling trip. Next year we are planning the next mermaid week, this time in Egypt. Join us for The next Mermaid Retreat - Egypt September 2022 This Mermaid Retreat is not only the ultimate trip for mermaids and merman, but also for all other water enthusiasts. Adventure awaits you here, such as swimming in mermaid tails, underwater photo shoots, workshops on holding your breath and boat trips. You also have a high chance of swimming with marine life such as manatees, guitar sharks, turtles and even dolphins. In addition, you can enjoy the facilities and the food in the 5-star resort “Malikia”. Furthermore, there is of course enough time to relax. What are you waiting for? Come with us to our Mermaid Week Egypt and look forward to an unforgettable week in our mermaid camp. For more information please visit: https://mermaidkat.com/2021/09/25/mermaid-camp-and-underwater-modelling-retreat-mermaid-week-egypt-17-24-september-2022/ A film by D’Image Factory VIDEOGRAPHER - Jens Drygalla Contact: Instagram | Facebook - @dimagefactory and @difunderwater www.dimagefactory.de Photo by Harald Slauschek Contact: Instagram | Facebook - @slauschek.photography and @slauschek.photography www.slauschek.photography

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