A journey of self discovery: To Love & be Loved - the key to the universe that binds us all

A thank you to the interview featuring Elon Musk for helping me piece together & paint this picture of my own spiritual journey. A big thank you to everyone I have and have never met, for your inspiration that has led me to this point in my life. You never know what one person's actions can do that ripple out in the cosmos and come back in the form of love that heals. Dare to be wrong and say you're sorry, then to live a life stuck thinking you are always right. Evolution of conscience requires us to constantly learn, the willingness to adapt and change while trying our best to do better than the day before. All we have is now... so be grateful for today, and do your best to stay positive about what tomorrow might bring. Our thoughts become actions, and those actions shape our future. So keep painting a vision of great things to come for you, humanity, and all of existence.

View on YouTube.

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