Swimming Alone In The Outdoor Pool Underwater - COLD SEASON START !!

Swimming Alone In The Outdoor Pool Underwater - COLD SEASON START !! I AM SOOOO EXCITED THE SEASON STARTED AND I WILL BE ABLE TO FILM SO MANY UNDERWATER VIDEOS FOR YOU NOBSIS! YOU CAN START COMMENT YOUR IDEAS !! :D :D :D Nobsi Shorts: Blowing Bubbles in my bathtub https://youtu.be/Z76rhdG0zcE Underwater Rings https://youtu.be/gMAcMYum3l8 Dive Sticks Underwater https://youtu.be/SVllQVNaAmk Some more videos linked down below... Lockdown Throwback Mallorca Series: Week 1 https://youtu.be/yagN_qexkt0​ Week 2 https://youtu.be/cthdruZ3gt8​ Week 3 https://youtu.be/W2fBYTLIJz4​ Week 4 https://youtu.be/bNn--csbVPI​ Week 5 https://youtu.be/Z1bT2qNdW0g​ (only the Cova Blava found) Ghen Cô Vy| NIOEH x K.HƯNG x MIN x ERIK | WASHING HAND https://youtu.be/QYr7XHUtG9s​ HIGHLIGHTs 2 0 1 8 https://youtu.be/cUAhbFw399A​ Youtube - All diving tricks 2018... https://youtu.be/OTPBSZxm1go​ - No blinking https://youtu.be/Y6vc4ojv5hk​ - 1000 subs challenge https://youtu.be/N1VLvDODz_Y​ Holidays - Solo England https://youtu.be/ajlvAQhOrXE​ - England with my sister https://youtu.be/-7eqNNAbVu0​ & https://youtu.be/l7rYgkEz-qU​ & https://youtu.be/z148lHrOjiI​ - Camping with Samira and my sis https://youtu.be/5wlnx3EWXAU​ - Complete Alassio holidays... https://youtu.be/gpJ-D2qB6Q4​ - Bali Surfing https://youtu.be/6cibyQqboRo​ (Full video is in making) Music - Rebel & Caviar night: https://youtu.be/Gq_oVfAjh9o​ - Full Album https://youtu.be/jkdw8lhedxY​ - This Is Me - Journey of a little boy https://youtu.be/aFS5IB9WoBI​ - A Million Dreams https://youtu.be/9oXC-8EgGMQ​ Hotel Apprenticeship - Duet in Salle de Versailles https://youtu.be/9oXC-8EgGMQ​ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe, like and comment so as well turn on the notification by clicking on the bell and you will get informed whenever I post another video. Looking forward to share some more of your ideas !! :D My social media: Snapchat SandraNobsPiano so as on Twitter Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sandranobs/​ TikTok sandranobs Music: Youtube library, NoCopyrightSounds My Swimsuits are from: Primark, K.B., Italy and Ballett Shop Bern Thanks for watching and stay tuned for my upcoming music, vloggs and challenges :) Xoxo Sandra ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out my website - www.sandranobs.com

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