Pink Champagne POOL CANDY Handstands into the Pool Sparkles ASMR | Onnaloves

Onnaloves is the Bionic Ballerina. This is her ongoing story, under and above water. This episode features: Become a Patreon for exclusive videos, collaborations and unwatermarked content https://ift.tt/3gUs2IQ I like just having fun in the pool and making artistic videos that create tingles of joy, fun, and excitement. I had the sprinkler on casting sparkles across the pool while I played on my own doing handstands and dives into the pool candy. It's the sunny state of California, the desert Valley of Los Angeles, where my social distancing is the norm, and I have fun on my own. In the past few years, I have recovered from total burnout. I was so overstressed and emotionally overwhelmed from a narcissistic abusive experience that I had to withdraw from society and heal by myself. I can say quite happily now, that I am returned and am celebrating my health and mental wellbeing by doing the feeling of pink champagne! pool floats, pool candy float, pool funny videos, swimming in the rain pool, swimming in the rain song, handstands into the pool, pool handstands, swimming pool ASMR, swimming pool joy, pool sparkles ASMR, pink sparkles pool, pool sparkle up, shiny swimsuit, swimming with long hair, diving with long hair, doing splits on pool floats, playing with pool candy, pink glitter in the pool, pink glitter swimming, shiny pink swimsuit, wet look pool fun, super long wet hair

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