#DidYouSwimToday PVC SlipNslide in the RAIN the British Rubber WEATHERWOMAN ICON Brellina | Onnaloves

Onnaloves is the Bionic Ballerina. This is her ongoing story, under and above water. This episode features: Thank you to my Patrons for making my Childhood dreams come true with my very own Brellina Rubber Weather Woman Outfit Head over to https://ift.tt/3gUs2IQ to see the videos Decades ago, I saw the news weather interstitial with a woman dressed in a black latex gummi rubber outfit shooting rain off the top of her head. She had a dress made of umbrellas, and she was masked in a black rubber hood, holding black umbrellas and pouring rain everywhere. She became my icon weather woman and it was my dream to pay homage to her the storm woman of the weather show. I'm British and we are used to rain, Since it's not raining here in Sunny Los Angeles, I'm going to make it rain using sprinklers again. This time - not off the top of my head. I want to have lots of slip and slide fun and fails in this PVC shiny swimsuit. THANK YOU TO @VR6Rich who showed me how to find my rubber weatherwoman icon of British weather! slip n slide, slip and slide, rubber weather woman, rubber soul beautiful woman, shiny fashion, slipnslide rain in los angeles, sprinkler fun, rain sprinkler fun, did you swim today, swimming pool fun, handstands into the pool, pool toys videos, who is the weather woman, british swimming,british swimmers, swimming in the rain, swimming in the rain pool, sprinklers into the pool, weather woman, rain sprinklers into the pool, shiny swimsuit, toys and me pool videos, British Rain Play, Rainwear, Rain protection, PVC Rainwear

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